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Comunque una volta pensavo di più

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 Ho fatto un testo qua, un tempo, quando cercavo di capire cosa potessi fare da grande.

You’re a Thinker
Your primary interest area is Investigative, which means you are a thinker who enjoys working with ideas, theories, and logical analysis. Thinkers enjoy abstract problem-solving and often like to be in a scientific or academic environment. Thinkers want to discover new ideas in their work, and enjoy doing research.
Thinkers prefer jobs that are more intellectual than physical. They often like to work independently, and would usually rather spend their time analyzing data and concepts than trying to motivate or lead other people.
Thinkers like their work best when they can explore concepts and create theories about the way things work. As a Thinker, your primary career goal will be to find a job where you can think through complex, abstract problems, and examine data to discover patterns and principles.
Some sample careers for Thinkers include mathematician, engineer, computer programmer, and financial analyst.


Building careers are those that involve mechanics and construction, working with machines, or using physical skills. Builders are often attracted to careers in the military or law enforcement, construction, mechanics, and athletics.
Your interest level for the Building career area is low.


Creating careers are those that involve artistic expression, imagination, and the creative use of language. Creators are often attracted to careers in performing or visual art, music, writing, and all areas of design.
Your interest level for the Creating career area is high.


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